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Aminostar is a traditional and time-tested brand nutrition for power sports.

The portfolio of Aminostar products includes in particular proteins, gainers, amino acids, creatines, anabolizers, stimulants, protein and müsli bars, as well as burners and vitamins. Aminostar helps all who seek to achieve higher strength and muscle mass, to improve their performance and physical condition, or simply to support their training efforts.


Xpower presents a series of sports nutrition products for endurance and power-endurance sports.

For example, Xpower is suitable for sports such as road and mountain bicycling, running (athletics, marathon, cyclo-cross), triathlon, alpine and classical skiing, individual and collective sports (handball, football, hockey, floorball, basketball and other ball games, etc.).


FatZero is a unique and complex series of slimming products from a sports nutrition specialist – Aminostar.

FatZero provides a path to a slim body more easily and rapidly! The complex series FatZero includes 11 slimming products and contains fat burners, carnitines, cocktails, bars and other special products facilitating your journey to the dreamed-of goal.